Story Being
You are your story.

The StoryBeing phase starts with good news: the Origin Story of your organisation already exists! Sometimes you are aware of it, sometimes it is an unconscious story in the background. However, it’s always there and should be (re)discover. We call that StoryBeing: You already have, or even are the story. In the StoryBeing phase, we inquire to identify the ten building blocks for your OriginStory.

The model for StoryBeing contain four core questions that form the guideline for your OriginStory.

These four questions are divided into ten building blocks. During our sessions we ask you questions about those building blocks to collect input for your OriginStory. From these answers, the Origin Story unfolds itself.

Remember, we together discover the story.
We do not fabricate one.

1. Who am I as an organisation?
2. What do I do as an organisation?
3. Whom do I know as an organisation?
4. What do I deliver as an organisation?


Let us unveil your Story. And see if your story is known, understood and manifesting itself?


During our sessions we work through the 10 building-blocks that define the Story you and your company are, or set out to be.

Data results

Combine the 10 building-blocks and the contours of your OriginStory will arise.

The OriginStory

By studying the results and split the data into two parts: What already is and what will be. This will result into the blueprint of your OriginStory.

You are your story. 
The good news: the Origin Story of your organisation already exists!

You tell your story.
You want to tell and proclaim your Origin Story. Both inside & outside the…

You do your story. 
In the StoryDoing phase we translate the Origin Story to actions and challenges…

You value your story. 
Together we examine the fields of Manifestation, Continuity and Purpose…

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