Story Telling
You tell your story.

It is only natural that you want to tell and share your Origin Story. Inside the organisation to give focus and direction to the employees. Outside to be recognised and understood by costumers, partners and fans in the rest of the world. Starting StoryTelling, you translate the building blocks and other ideas about your organisation, that we together discovered in the StoryBeing phase, into an inspiring Origin Story.

The discovered results from the StoryBeing phase will unveil the building blocks for the OriginStory.

The resulting four pillars will create a narrative. Visual and inspiring. We weave the parts into a genuinely coherent OriginStory. We are gradually making steps to StoryDoing. The final fourth pillar, Challenge, tells a lot about the essence of your organisation & how you will go and achieve this purpose in the future.

Leading Role Player

The protagonist symbolizes the collective self-image of your organization.

Discover the character, style and atmosphere of your organisation, as well as characteristics and talents that are exemplary & often unique to your organisation.

A distinct lead player forms the basis for a clear Identity and therefore for Distinctive character.

The Stage

The Stage describes the place where the organisation is most visible. It includes both the literal place and the place in the market or society where it manifests itself. This includes the Activities that are visible on the Stage.

A well-defined Stage forms the basis for a clear culture and therefore entrepreneurial behavior.

Fellow players

The co-players are all people and parties in and outside your organization. They help or encourage your Organisation to live up to your challenge from very different roles. Ultimately it is your co-players who decide if your organisation has the right to exist.

Distinguished co-players
are inspiration for a strong promise and therefore also for Credibility.

The Challenge

The Challenge is the essential part of the OriginStory. It is the engine behind your entrepreneurship. The reason to develop, too transform, innovate and create value. The driver force to why the Leading role player comes into action and also why co-players participate in your story.

A clear challenge forms the basis for Bold and Iconic actions and ultimately for the meaning of your organisation.

You are your story. 
The good news: the Origin Story of your organisation already exists!

You tell your story.
You want to tell and proclaim your Origin Story. Both inside & outside the…

You do your story. 
In the StoryDoing phase we translate the Origin Story to actions and challenges…

You value your story. 
Together we examine the fields of Manifestation, Continuity and Purpose…

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