Djaminn set out to create a platform for MUSICIANS, by MUSICIANS. A Place where people can instantly inspire and collaborate with each other without the hassles of complex digital setups. A place of limitless, borderless source for amazing and unexpected discoveries.

Djaminn | Collaborative Music Making Platform

Online platform development, Prototyping, R&D


Music, Social Media


iOS, Android, C++, React.js, Linux apps, GraphQL, Kubernetes, Google Cloud


User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), R&D, Music collaboration platform, Interactive Social Media Platform, Multitrack Audio Recorder, Social Media Management, Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps

Collaborative Music Making Platform

Djaminn is a fully collaborative, global music platform. Developed by musicians, we understand the needs of music creators. Djammin takes us to the moment music inspiration arrives. We are musicians, but it’s not just for us. Djaminn is the ultimate mix of a user-friendly multi-track recorder and social interaction. With its robust social platform, users can share their creative musical ideas and add photos or videos to their projects.

Technological challenges

Programming is hard when it comes to audio. We have to deal with the problems of real-time programming. User expectations are high for this class of applications. It cannot produce clicks destroying your loudspeakers on the way; it cannot freeze during a live performance; it cannot crash when you’re recording your best take of that guitar solo. At the same time, the business world demands high scalability and availability of the service from day 1. The cost has to be predictable too. Therefore we build cloud-native systems starting at the drawing board and bearing it in mind through all the stages of the development process.