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De Scan bestaat uit makkelijk te beantwoorden vragen die je laten zien waar jij en jouw organisatie nu staan en waar je kunt beginnen.

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What our clients say about us

David Toborek
Head Of Talent

I have worked with Dennis (WeAreBold) on various initiatives, covering consulting requests, design advice and startup guidance and during that time, he showed his very broad pallet of talents and skills which is a combination rarely found. His working principle is to understand before being able to create and as such create a value story that becomes a living manifest for everybody involved.

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Erik op ten Berg
Expert in creative thinking, brainstorming and business opportunities.

I admire Ron (WeAreBold) because of his borderless creative potential and immense curiosity. He tempts you to look further, to see things you didn’t see before. In the chaos of his mind beautiful ideas are coming up. Together with Ron you are capable to create interesting new things which can help to change the world into the right direction. Every time I had an appointment with Ron, I was longing for it! So, pick your challenge

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