“Overcome by sleep and hunger before being able to describe with words what a painter is able to depict in an instant.”

– Leonardo da Vinci


Studies show that we remember: 10% of what we hear. 20% of what we read. 80% of what we see.

This is more valid now than ever. We are bombarded with information demanding us to read up to 5 times more than 3 decades ago.

To invite and get people to read your story(s) you have to make it, as we’d like to call it, snack-able. Make content inviting and scannable. Visualisations provide the best way to do that. This is because we process visual information up to 60.000 times faster than written content.

Visualisations are at the core of our StoryTelling services:

Supporting the OriginStory

Visualising your story in creative and engaging ways lets your potential customers and ambassadors connect to your brand instantly.

Inviting Content

Creating content for your audience is a time consuming job. Don’t let this energy go to waste by not making your content inviting & easily absorbable. Snack-able!

Data visualisation

Data visualization gives you the opportunity to discover the real meaning within your data and the insights they hide. They provide instant visual comprehension for the people looking to understand your business.

Prototyping & Presentations

Finding investors for new products in a market that is overrun with new concepts is a daunting task. You can differentiate yourself by making your story visual. Your product tangible.


Photography put man on the moon. It has provided us with the fastest and clearest way to record the moment. Photography, when used in the right way, is a very powerful way to tell a story.

Film & documentary

The moving and more powerful cousin of photography. For many decades this way of storytelling has kept humans at awe.

3D visualisations

We create 3D movies for a wide variety of appliances. From explanatory movies to Holograms for exhibitions.

Animation movies

Animation opens up the world of fantastic possibilities. A place where physics do not apply. Creating a canvas where everything is possible.

Explanatory animation movies

Similar to data visualisation, explanatory movies offer a way of explaining complex things in a short time frame. Providing a highly snack-able content type for things that would take up a lot of textual explanation to make sense.

Architectural Visualisations

To buy-in to your next home or beautiful office you would most definitely like to understand how that space would live up to your dream.

Project floor maps

To understand space we need to see objects of which we understand and ‘feel’ the size. Illustrated floor maps provide just that.

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