Story Doing
You do a good story!

Just StoryTelling doesn’t cut it. In the StoryDoing phase, we translate the OriginStory to actions and challenges. That’s how you’re going to make the real difference as an organisation. Together we set out to discover and research the fields of Identity, Culture and Proposition.


With Identity, you present your authentic self to the outside world. You let others experience the style and atmosphere of your organisation.

A sharp, unified Identity leads to the distinctive character and organisation’s manifestation.


Culture is about cohesion within the organisation. How do we interact with each other, what is the atmosphere within the organisation, what are the habits & rituals?

Does the outside world notice this authentic Culture?


The proposition is about what is your real contribution. What value and to whom? How do others experience that which you offer? Is it a product or a service?

How do these connect to the OriginStory of your organisation?

Iconic Actions

Iconic actions are the ultimate way of doing your OriginStory and achieving your Challenge and delivering to the promises.

It is the phase in which everything from StoryDoing comes together.

The OriginStory will navigate your organisation through the rough seas of ​​fundamental change.

You DO a good story!

A powerful organisation knows what it stands for. Why she, as an organisation, exists and what her core task is. What challenges she faces, what added value she provides to people and society, and how she can best deliver that.

A powerful organisation not only knows that but proves it by showing it in her actions. The essence of such an organisation expresses itself in all facets of doing business: apparent, inspiring and correct.

It starts with OriginStory.

OriginStory: A story that will navigate your organisation through the rough seas of ​​fundamental change. The anchor to the organisation that helps you determine your direction and lead you in the process of decisions making.

It will help all employees of an organisation to understand why they work at especially your organisation. It will show all partners and customers why they have chosen you and will continue to do so. An Origin Story is a narrative that encourages you to realise your mission in the world.

You are your story. 
The good news: the Origin Story of your organisation already exists!

You tell your story.
You want to tell and proclaim your Origin Story. Both inside & outside the…

You do your story. 
In the StoryDoing phase we translate the Origin Story to actions and challenges…

You value your story. 
Together we examine the fields of Manifestation, Continuity and Purpose…

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