Doctor Watsons challenges you and your friends to a real life game in the mysterious basement of the Arminius Church.

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DR Watsons: Experience agency

DR Watsons is an experience-agency located in the Arminius church in the center of Rotterdam.

In the cellars of the Arminius church you go back to the beginning of the last century. There are two Escaperooms, and the third is in the making. The escape rooms work like a soap, you want to do the next room too! If you manage to Escape Room on time, you are immediately a member of the community “Gross Moustache” that gives access to fun events throughout the year. Entirely in Victorian style. Because DR Watsons started a crowdfunding campaign, many members were also involved in creating the puzzles to be solved and also with decorating and designing the interior of all the escape rooms.

Doctor Watsons challenges you and your friends to a real life game in the mysterious basement of the Arminius Church. The historic monument next to the Witte de Withstraat. The escape rooms feel like you go back in the history of the church and Rotterdam. The adventure takes you to times gone by in the 19th century, although the solutions to the riddles are contemporary.

ESCAPEROOMS DOCTOR WATSON : StoryDoing, real Story based Experience


Doctor Watsons is a specialist in extraordinairy and unuasable leisure for business and individual groups. He tells the story of modern people from a stylish late Victorian gentlemen like perspective.

Wilson’s skills of deduction and desire to help others in need for adventure and mystery. Delivered with a twist of humor added to it.

Story Escaperoom LA RéSIDENCE

The last pastor of the Arminius Church from the 18th century had doubts about life after death. We have found a number of bottles in the catacombs of the church and one of them seems to have been an Aqua da Vida, or elixir of life. It seems that the pastor in his search for the confirmation of his faith also used ancient Alchemy.

His sacristy room is still intact, but no recipe has been found so far. To confirm our suspicion you as a player will have to find out how he made it.

LA RéSIDENCE is a room with a rather religious theme. You will find many artifacts here. The story is also directly related to the location of the escape room. The last minister actually comes from the Arminius church. This gives the escape room an extra realistic feeling. La Résidence is experienced by many as a more difficult room. Escape from La Residence happens through the use of alchemy.

Story Escaperoom L’ARCHITECTE

A secret room was discovered during work in the basement of the Arminius church. It is suspected that this room was the secret office of the architect of the Arminius Church Henri Evers. Various symbols in the room suggest that Mr. Evers was a member of an illustrious brotherhood.

Because of this we think that the last remaining traces of the brotherhood are hidden in this room. That is why we desperately need your help.

L’architecte is the story of the ancient architect Henri Evers. The room has a nineteenth century theme and you get the feeling that you are in an 1890 film. According to some, it appears that the spirit of the architect is still present in the room. L’Architect is also a very difficult room with a success rate of 40%. Escape from L’Architect is done through logic and teamwork.