Searchine is much more than just a fast search feature for your site. Our search engine delivers insights into the search behaviour of your visitors, and shows you new ways to improve your website. – Beyond the Search

Searchine | Beyond the search

Storytelling, Visualisations, Website & Online Strategy (SEO&SEA)


Site Search Solution


PHP, Javascript, HTML5


User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), illustrations, iconography Online Strategy, Buyer Personas, Copywriting, SEO, SEA, Print

Beyond the search

Nothing is as frustrating to a visitor as not being able to find the right information quickly. Searchine guides your visitor directly to what they’re looking for.

Searchine helps you go beyond the search. It helps you with fast search, increase conversion and give in depth website statistics: Instant feedback on what your visitors are searching for and what might be lacking on your website.