Our People, Your Team.
We develop cutting-edge software and platforms with a focus on agility & innovation. From prototyping to full-scale development, we have the team to deliver your project.

RviveTeams by WeAreBold.

Nearshore outsourcing

Our remote teams work in continuous improvement cycles to deliver platforms and apps that seamlessly integrate and achieve real-life goals.

Product development

We create product development teams who focus on rich user experiences built on top of scalable cloud-native back-ends.


Product development is most successful when concepts are validated through testing by real end-users before going into software implementation.

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RviveTeams by WeAreBold.

With over a decade of experience in product development, we realized that building great products is not merely about the product. It is about the peopleThe Team.

We build teams of energized, experienced creatives. We nurture their abilities by providing them with boundary-pushing challenges and concepts. At Rvive, we don’t just build. We craft.

Little Giant

At Rvive we shoot for the moon. To achieve this, we are committed to merely being the best at what we do. Not the biggest, the cheapest, or the loudest. The Best.

Our mission is to acquire innovative projects that challenge the talented minds at Rvive. We believe that by maintaining a small and focussed company, we can make giant strides in innovation and user experience.


Rvive is global, and as such, we have a multilingual team. We have the advantage of speaking to our clients in their native tongue, negating the possibility of friction or distortion in communication.

We can discuss your project in the following languages: Dutch, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Estonian.

How RviveTeam by WeAreBold. works?

Nearshore Development Teams

Rvive builds teams from an international talent pool. As a result, your project can engage the most talented developers in its build. Rvive facilitates the hands-on management of your elite team as they build your product from our offices here in Kyiv.

Product Development

We create mobile and web applications using bespoke & easily scalable technology. Central to our processes are the Team, fast release cycles, regular and in-depth feedback rounds, quality assurance, and maintenance after release


Prototyping as a Service: Get a taste of our prototyping services through a design sprint or interactive workshop.

Set the frequency at which you would like to receive your stream of concepts, prototypes, and new interpretations – all with the aim of exploring off the beaten path.

New Technologies

We are passionate about all that is new and innovative. Integrating it into improving the user experience further and helping them to achieve real-life goals!

AI, VR, AR, Machine learning, personal assistance bots (and more) are all technologies that will challenge the status quo.

Curious to see what’s around the corner?

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What our clients say about us

Jelle Lute
CTO Reclame folder

The factors that influenced the success of this project to me personally were: committed and skilled staff of RviveTeams, open communication, and direct dialog with the software engineers.

The RviveTeams has the agility to adapt to new insights. They provided invaluable suggestions on how to adjust to the new industry standards for development, distribution, and marketing of the app.