I open this blog with the underneath video. This video is an exaggeration. Of course, you do not have the time nor the money to present yourself, leading you to choose Vistaprint, Drukwerk deals, Flyerzone, and so forth. Of course, you opt for that humdrum sandwich, who doesn’t! Don’t read any further; don’t give your taste buds something juicy.

By: Dennis Maij

Don’t give those taste buds something juicy!

You are interested. All right then.

Put yourself in the following space, into those boots of your salesmen. You are visiting a network gathering or a prospect, and there is always the moment when people ask for your business card. As an entrepreneur, you know that you have to leave a token of trust. However, somehow we think that when it comes to a literal business card, giving the average dull card is fine.

A missed opportunity to make:
A striking impression.
A Story.
A permanent memory.
The difference.

However, uh, do me a humdrum sandwich, right ?!

Every impression, especially the first one, is essential. Your presentation and the image of your company are part of that. When you do not want to invest money nor time in your brand, your Story, the prospects will feel that you do not believe in the product. Your company. Your Brand. Your Future together. The business card is often the first tangible thing they get from your company. So make sure it leaves an immeasurable lasting impression.

How often does the average Business Card disappear instantly, without giving serious attention, into the pocket of a jacket? Directly ending up in the trash once arrived home.

A missed opportunity to make: A striking impression.Story. A permanent memory. But most of all the difference.

It needs to be different! Handing over your business card should be a moment of sparkling experience. It must feel for the recipient as if they received a gift. One they do not dare throw away. By this, making sure they don’t forget you. Also, since everyone is using the same simple 200 grams cards of 55 by 85 mm, standing out is simple. Take advantage of this benefit.

The business card was just an easy opener for what is the real, more significant focus for this blog. Where companies are failing to make the difference in something so small, they also lack this on a bigger scale — their business.


How unique are you?
Are you still mimicking your competition?

Wouldn’t it be great if your company made a difference within the industry? WeAreBold. Business Creatives believes that making a difference is straightforward: it is even now rooted in the core of your company (Origin Story). Often the solution is right next to your desk. Give us the opportunity and space to help you to make this original power visible.

The distinctive character of a fuel supplier

If something is humdrum, it’s gas. Nonetheless, Tango has successfully differentiated itself considerably in one of the largest “Me Too” branches of our time. Moreover, they, too, are copied now. Thanks to their great leader, they have launched a beautiful, innovative and eye-catching concept (in language, image, emotion and behaviour). Tango has been making a difference in the fuel market for a long time: rows of cars are still pulling up to the pump.

How “Me too” is your company?

In competitive markets, you see that many companies are following each other: the one who runs the fastest, the one who wins. Are you involved in a price war? Do you find it challenging to come up with a different way to attract customers? Do you notice that traditional marketing patterns yielding less and less? 

Then don’t wait too long and emerge yourself into the Origen of your company. Study it. Connect to the origin and most of all Be it.

Do you want to be something original and distinguish yourself from your competition?

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