WeAreBold. believes in “Practice what you preach”. With “Preaching” only you cannot unite, and there is no connection whatsoever. A meaningful relationship does not arise top-down. It has to grow from two sides.

By: Ron van Gils

Relation is King

It is a “middle ground” between top-down, bottom-up, outside-in and inside-out. The stories that are told by management, board, employees, suppliers, fans and ambassadors (read: customers) must be coherent with each other. These stories have to add up like all players within an orchestra. Only then will everyone feel at home.

How is your Connection with the outside world?
With your customers? Or suppliers?

The power of a story

A harmonious story gives everyone meaning. An inspiring purpose offers added value. This added value delivers the desired impact. That’s why WeAreBold Business Creatives guide the process from StoryTelling to StoryDoing. Telling the Story is fun, but the DOING story is what creates a real impact!

‘Everybody is connecting,
but no one is connected.’

The OriginStory of your organization

A supporting, distinctive, accurate story that everyone wants to share and tell. This Story requires attention and coordination in image, language, emotion and behaviour. As a result of this, you will increase the credibility and attractiveness of your company. When everyone in and around your company feels included into their part of your Story, connection and cohesion are a fact.

Have you lost contact with your environment?
Adrift or disconnected?
We are here for you. 


If you want to get up to speed about the OriginStory, Story Doing & Telling or our working methods, we invite you for a speed date. In this short meeting, we scan your company or organization based on our StoryDoing model. You get immediate insight into new opportunities and connections.

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