Your organisation is a song.

These are All Solos that need to
fit within your organization song.

If we then ask about the key message or in which style and in which character this particular solo must fit, it mostly becomes silent on the other side. We are pleasantly surprised when our clients immediately answer. “Well, our organization, Reggae. We are close to the style of – Doe Maar – and our song is about this … that’s how we stand out, and this is how we care about our environment.”

As Business Creatives, we pay close attention to the story behind all the stories spread by your organization. That which makes the difference is the fundamental story behind the solo stories; The OriginStory. With that fundamental Drumbeat, we set the heartbeat which will give the same foundation to all the solos that your organization plays.

The OrginStory is the reason why people work with you, talk about you, do business with you.

It is the root to all other Stories.

Let’s look at an example.

Let’s take a look at how an energetic music track is structured (see the Stromae video clip above). The basis is a BEAT (often drums) supported by percussion, that is the structure, the skeleton of your song; read organization.

In practice, much attention is directed at this, thousands of books are about organizational structures in hundreds of styles, and organizations naturally make a clear choice. The forms may be a bit less classical, but a structure (drums) within organizations is always present.

In practice, “solos” are often played directly on that structure. Too often a roaring trumpet of sales. Alternatively, a sad violin playing by the CEO. That is because there is no coherence between solos and the structure – The Heartbeat. This lack of consistency makes it an ugly song.

Therefore we look for the “Origin story” in your organization, which is equivalent to the Drumbeat in a song. The Drumline ensures that we can drive and dance to the rhythm of the organization.

The OrginStory is like a Drum-Beat.
It gives your organisation coherence and volume. It is the basis among all the Stories through which you sing or tell a song.

That Drumline or “Origin Story” has a lot of elements in it that are within the organizations. Those are often very fragmented. Such as vision, mission, style or values. Yes, all these elements belong in the Origin Story. Take values ​​as an example. They never work as single words. They simply are more recognizable in a contextual story.

Yep, you guessed it, your OriginStory.

Vision, Mission. Value and Meaning

Vision and mission are also not separate tabs on a website, but must be recognizable, felt and embraced by everyone. This vision and mission combined in a remarkable challenge or propositions coherently told in the Origin Story. This story radiates feelings — a feeling of purpose and meaning. Meaning creates added value and ultimately betters organization solos which will, in turn, convert this added value into the desired impact.

Of what does a good Origin Story consist?

The Origin Story is an inspiring amalgamation of:

1) A description of the character, style, atmosphere and culture of your organization
2) A description of the stage and activities where your organization feels at home
3) A description of every fellow player in the story. Do not forget your enemies!
4) A description of the big challenge why you were born into the world

Example of the Origin Story of WeAreBold.

We are a “Fellowship” of Business Creatives, Storytellers and lead a vibrant life of creation in a business-oriented world. Our style foundation is Blues Rock with variations taken from Jazz influenced improvisation. We mentor entrepreneurs with the development of authentic communication, products, and services.

We believe in the phase before what is called “Predictable Success” — prodding an organization to get into action. We share novel energetic experiences with organizations, from which new team arrangements and methods will emerge. Our purpose is to let clients experience how enjoyable it is to use the Origin Story of your organization (the story under all solo stories). A connecting source of inspiration that is frequently already there, though poorly used or not used at all.

We align the solos to the Drum-beat of organizations. This so that people start dancing again in and around your company.

Are you ready for our challenge? Can you feel the beat?

Ron van Gils 
Business Creative. Story doer by force of nature.

In this clip from  Stromae, you can see how aligning the basics works towards a solo act. A free lesson by one of the most creative androgen artists of today.

Relation is King

It is a “middle ground” between top-down, bottom-up, outside-in and inside-out. The stories that are told by management, board, employees, suppliers, fans and ambassadors (read: customers) must be coherent with each other. These stories have to add up like all players within an orchestra. Only then will everyone feel at home.

How is your Connection with the outside world?
With your customers? Or suppliers?

The power of a story

A harmonious story gives everyone meaning. An inspiring purpose offers added value. This added value delivers the desired impact. That’s why WeAreBold Business Creatives guide the process from StoryTelling to StoryDoing. Telling the Story is fun, but the DOING story is what creates a real impact!

‘Everybody is connecting,
but no one is connected.’

The OriginStory of your organization

A supporting, distinctive, accurate story that everyone wants to share and tell. This Story requires attention and coordination in image, language, emotion and behaviour. As a result of this, you will increase the credibility and attractiveness of your company. When everyone in and around your company feels included into their part of your Story, connection and cohesion are a fact.

Have you lost contact with your environment?
Adrift or disconnected?
We are here for you. 


If you want to get up to speed about the OriginStory, Story Doing & Telling or our working methods, we invite you for a speed date. In this short meeting, we scan your company or organization based on our StoryDoing model. You get immediate insight into new opportunities and connections.

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Don’t give those taste buds something juicy!

You are interested. All right then.

Put yourself in the following space, into those boots of your salesmen. You are visiting a network gathering or a prospect, and there is always the moment when people ask for your business card. As an entrepreneur, you know that you have to leave a token of trust. However, somehow we think that when it comes to a literal business card, giving the average dull card is fine.

A missed opportunity to make:
A striking impression.
A Story.
A permanent memory.
The difference.

However, uh, do me a humdrum sandwich, right ?!

Every impression, especially the first one, is essential. Your presentation and the image of your company are part of that. When you do not want to invest money nor time in your brand, your Story, the prospects will feel that you do not believe in the product. Your company. Your Brand. Your Future together. The business card is often the first tangible thing they get from your company. So make sure it leaves an immeasurable lasting impression.

How often does the average Business Card disappear instantly, without giving serious attention, into the pocket of a jacket? Directly ending up in the trash once arrived home.

A missed opportunity to make: A striking impression.Story. A permanent memory. But most of all the difference.

It needs to be different! Handing over your business card should be a moment of sparkling experience. It must feel for the recipient as if they received a gift. One they do not dare throw away. By this, making sure they don’t forget you. Also, since everyone is using the same simple 200 grams cards of 55 by 85 mm, standing out is simple. Take advantage of this benefit.

The business card was just an easy opener for what is the real, more significant focus for this blog. Where companies are failing to make the difference in something so small, they also lack this on a bigger scale — their business.


How unique are you?
Are you still mimicking your competition?

Wouldn’t it be great if your company made a difference within the industry? WeAreBold. Business Creatives believes that making a difference is straightforward: it is even now rooted in the core of your company (Origin Story). Often the solution is right next to your desk. Give us the opportunity and space to help you to make this original power visible.

The distinctive character of a fuel supplier

If something is humdrum, it’s gas. Nonetheless, Tango has successfully differentiated itself considerably in one of the largest “Me Too” branches of our time. Moreover, they, too, are copied now. Thanks to their great leader, they have launched a beautiful, innovative and eye-catching concept (in language, image, emotion and behaviour). Tango has been making a difference in the fuel market for a long time: rows of cars are still pulling up to the pump.

How “Me too” is your company?

In competitive markets, you see that many companies are following each other: the one who runs the fastest, the one who wins. Are you involved in a price war? Do you find it challenging to come up with a different way to attract customers? Do you notice that traditional marketing patterns yielding less and less? 

Then don’t wait too long and emerge yourself into the Origen of your company. Study it. Connect to the origin and most of all Be it.

Do you want to be something original and distinguish yourself from your competition?

Have a date -at- WeAreBold.

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